Fiberglass 3240

Fiberglass 3240

  • Product Application:

Sheet glass fiber has the following physical characteristics and properties:

1. Wide operating temperature range (-600С- + 1500С).

2. High dielectric constant.

3. High strength and wear resistance.

4. Resistant to aggressive environments.

5. Weather resistance, hygroscopicity.

6. It is very suitable for mechanical processing.

7. Thickness: 0.5mm-100mm.

  • Product Parameters:

Thickness: 0.3mm-80mm

Length: 1020*2020mm

Color: Yellow (other colors can be customized)

3240 Epoxy fiber glass cloth laminated sheet (grade A): dip alkali-free glass fiber cloth in epoxy phenolic resin, then bake and heat press. It has good mechanical and dielectric properties with thermostability and moisture resistivity and good machinability. The thermostability grade is B. It is widely used in generator, motor, electronic apparatus as insulating material and components. It is also suitable under oil pressure of transformer and wet environment.

Thickness: 0.5mm-50mm.

Length: 1020*2020mm.

Color: Yellow.

3240 Epoxy fiberglass cloth laminated sheet (B grade): dip alkali-free glass fiber cloth in epoxy phenolic resin, then bake and heat press.

Because 3240-B is cheaper than 3240-A and has good practicability, it is more common in the market. For further informations, please kindly consult our sales person.

Thickness: 3mm-80mm.

Length: 1020*1220mm, 970*1970mm.

3240 Epoxy glass cloth laminated sheet (grade C):dip the offcut of glass fibre board (FR-4) into epoxy phenolicresin, then process it.

Mechanical strength of grade A,B,C of 3240 series are the greatest. So they are often made into electrical insulation parts which has high requiement on hardness. They are also used for hammer handle, helve, manhole cover, etc.

However, surface of grade C is not flat with bad thickness tolerance. If customers has high requirement, they can choose to buy 3240-A and 3240-B.

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