Laminate is one of laminates. Laminated products are made of two or more layers of resin-impregnated fibers or fabrics that are laminated and combined by hot pressing. Laminated products can be processed into various insulation and structural parts and are widely used in motors, transformers, high and low voltage electrical appliances, electrical instruments and electronic equipment. Laminates can be plates, tubes, rods, or other shapes.


  • 3021 Laminate Phonolic Sheets
    3021 Laminate Phonolic Sheets

    Products Application:
    -Operating temperature range -65-1200С;
    -High dielectric constant;
    -Low resistance to acids and alkalis;
    -Resistant to mineral oil;
    -Can be machined and pasted;
    -The density of Getinax is 1.25 g / cm³.
    -Thickness: 0.3mm-50mm
    -Size: 1020mm * 2020mm

  • Electro Cardboard EV
    Electro Cardboard EV

    The EV board is an insulating material made of unbleached sulfate pulp, to which cotton pulp is also added. The main fields of its application are the production of various patterns for electrical equipment and light industry. It can be used alone, or it can be used with other insulating materials.

  • Fiberglass 3240
    Fiberglass 3240

    Sheet glass fiber has the following physical characteristics and properties:
    1. Wide operating temperature range (-600С- + 1500С).
    2. High dielectric constant.
    3. High strength and wear resistance.
    4. Resistant to aggressive environments.
    5. Weather resistance, hygroscopicity.
    6. It is very suitable for mechanical processing.
    7. Thickness: 0.5mm-100mm.

  • Fiberglass Sheet
    Fiberglass Sheet

    Aluminum foil glass fiber is a dielectric, which is made on the basis of glass fiber dipping paint. A layer of electrolytic copper-resistant foil is coated on one side of the insulating material sheet.
    You can buy high quality aluminum foil coated fiberglass in our online store. For large wholesale buyers, free shipping is provided to all regions of Russia.

  • Fiberglass Rod 3841
    Fiberglass Rod 3841

    ●The core glass fiber is an electrical glass fiber. With the participation of the resin, the round wound glass fiber is received. Widely used from electrical to agricultural. Its details (sleeve, gasket) can work in transformer oil. It is suitable for any mechanical processing, so it is used as a structural material.

    Diameter: 10mm-200mm

  • Insulation Bakelite Phenolic Cotton Rod 3721
    Insulation Bakelite Phenolic Cotton Rod 3721

    MRod-shaped fabric is a special layered form of the same cotton material. This winding method allows the use of textile materials in industries related to high-pressure work.

    Rod PCB diameter-from 8.0mm-120mm

  • Textolite 3025
    Textolite 3025

    This material belongs to the group of structural materials and has the following characteristics:
    Operating temperature range -65-1200С.
    High dielectric constant.
    Low resistance to acids and alkalis.
    Resistant to mineral oil.
    Can be machined and pasted.