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    Interwoven from asbestos warp and weft yarns, suitable for lagging for boilers and pipe lines, used as thermal insulating materials for factories, building, power stations and steamers. Also ideal for making protective gloves, working clothes and gasket materials at temperatures up to 550℃.Loss on ignition 32% max.

    Asbestos Products

  • Asbestos Belt
    Asbestos Belt

    Interwoven from asbestos warp and weft yarns, suitable for lagging for boilers and pipe lines, also used as thermal insulating materials. Asbestos tape with metallic (copper wire, inconel wire or stainless wire) are also available.

    Refractoriness: 280-550 ℃

  • Asbestos Board
    Asbestos Board

    Made from high grade asbestos fiber, used for make fire screens, protecting walls, lining furnaces and anything that required heat and fire protection. It can also be used as electrical insulation. 

    Max.Working pressure: 15kgs/cm²

    Refractoriness: Approx.280℃~500℃ 

    Spec: Thickness: 0.8mm-50mm

    Dimention: 1000 x1000mm

  • Asbestos Cloth
    Asbestos Cloth

    It is made of asbestos warp yarn and weft yarn, which is suitable for the protective cover of boilers and pipes. It is used as the heat insulation material of factories, buildings, power stations and steam turbines. It is also an ideal material for manufacturing protective gloves, work clothes and gasket materials (maximum temperature 550 ℃). Ignition loss is up to 32%.

  • Asbestos Packing
    Asbestos Packing

    Asbestos gaskets are special asbestos technical products, the main purpose of which is to seal stuffing boxes in moving or fixed joints of devices and mechanisms. The properties of such a product will depend on its composition and structure.
    Asbestos gaskets, as a rule, are an elastic cord made with various types of section. Often to improve the mechanical properties and coated with an anti-friction composition.

  • Asbestos Rope
    Asbestos Rope

    It is made of long asbestos fiber yarn and braided into round form, extensively used as heat insulation materials on thermal installations and heat conduction systems operated at temperatures up to 250℃, loss on ignition 32% max.
    Refractoriness: 480-550℃ 
    Spec: 5mm-50mm

  • Asbestos Rubber Sheet
    Asbestos Rubber Sheet

    Paronite makes this type of paronite with sheets of thickness 0.4-5 mm, which allows it to be used for different types of joints. It can be operated in the temperature range of -50 to +450 degrees, the compressibility factor at a pressure of 35 MPa is only up to 15.