Nylon Rod

Nylon Rod

  • Product Application:

Density: 1.15-1.16 g/cm³;

Tensile modulus: 2300 MPa;

Antifreeze: 50 ℃;

Allowable working temperature: 100 ℃;

Electrical strength: 30-35 kV/mm.

The diameter can be from 20mm-300mm

  • Product Parameters:
Product name nylon rod
Plastic material PA, PC, PVC, Nylon, PU, POM, PE, etc.
color White, black, or as your requirement
Diameter 8-200mm, or customized
Certification ISO9001, SGS, Test Report, RoSH
Packing Plastic bags, Cartons, Wodden case, Pallet, Container,ect.
other 24 hours instant and comfortable customer service.
Shopping status notification during delivery.
Regular notification of new styles & hot selling styles.
  • Packaging:
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