PVC sheet

PVC Sheet

  • Product Application:

The main advantages of vinyl plastic are as follows:

Non-toxic Tasteless.

Flame retardant materials.

Insoluble in ethanol.

It can bond well with concrete, wood and metal.

Withstand temperature conditions from -50 °C to + 60 °C.

Drilling, cutting, grinding, turning and polishing.

The shelf life is more than 10 years.

Thickness: 2mm-20mm

  • Product Parameters:
1 Product PVC Foam board/sheet/panel
2 Standard size 1220mm × 2440mm; 1560mm × 3050mm; 2050mm × 3050mm and so on
3 Thickness 0.8~50mm
4 Density 0.2~0.9g/cm³
5 Color White, Black, Red, Green, Pink, Grey, Blue, Yellow, etc
6 Executive standard QB/T 2463.1-1999  
7 Certificate ISO9001
8 Weldable Yes
9 Foam Process Celuka
10 Packing Carton box or wooden pallet packing
11 production capability 10000 pcs per month
12 Life Span > 50 years
13 Flame retardance self-extinguishing less than 5 seconds
  • Packaging:
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