Polyimide Film

Polyimide Film

  • Product Application:

Polyimide film is the world's best ultra-thin electrical insulation material with a set of unique quality characteristics.

Polyimide film is supplied in rolls. Width from 10 to 700mm. The minimum length of each roll is 60m.

Polyimide film also comes in tapes. width and length can be determined by negotiation.

  • Product Parameters:
Material Polymide
Color Gold
Thickness 12.5um-225um
Thickness tolerance 12.5um:±1, 25um:+2-1, 30um:+2-1, 40um:+2-1, 50um:+2-1, 75um:±5, 100um:+10-7
Brade RDS
Width 6mm-1000mm
Heat resistant -195°c to 280°c
  • Packaging:
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