Glass Banding Tape

Glass Banding Tape

  • Product Application:

During the repair and manufacturing of the motor, when the anchor and the rotor are bound, the motor, a special electrical insulation material, and a glass strap are usually required. This material is necessary when applying bandages to motor and motor anchors and rotor windings with heat resistance classes "F" (155 °C) and "N" (180 °C). After heating the armature / rotor to the required temperature of 155 °C (180 °C) by the required technique, the heat treatment time of the bandage made of LSBE-155 (LSBE-180) tape is 1 hour.

  • Product Parameters:
Material fiber glass film + adhesive
Color white
Usage Widely used for masking
Application ♦Suitable for Repair drywall
♦used for gypsum board joints, all kinds of wall cracks and other wall damage
♦Ordinary surface protection
Feature ♦Excellent alkali resistance
♦durable: high tensile strength and deformation resistance
♦crack protection: no deterioration, can not afford to foam: Excellent since Viscous, thermal insulation, high temperature
Advantage 1.Factory supplier:white color fiber glass banding tape for wall repair
2.Competitive price:Factory direct sales, professional production, quality assurance
3.Perfect service:Delivery in time,and any question will be replied in 24 hours
Sample provide 1. We send sample at most 20mm width roll or A4 paper size for free
2. Customer shall bear the freight charges
3. Sample and freight charge just a show of your sincerity
4. All sample related cost shall be returned after first deal
5. It is workable to most of our clients Thanks for cooperation
Sample Lead time 2 days
Order Lead time 3 to 7 workdays
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