PVC Insulating Tape

PVC Insulating Tape

  • Product Application:

PVC Insulating Tape - Electrical insulating PVC tape with a sticky layer is made on the basis of a film of polyvinyl chloride insulating plastic compound with a sticky layer based on perchlorovinyl resin applied to one side.

Designed for insulation of wires and cables during repair and splicing of electric cables with non-metallic sheaths, operating in a static state at temperatures from minus 50 to plus 70 °C.

The tape is delivered with a width of 13,15,18,20, 30, 40 mm.

Color: blue, black, white, cyan, red, yellow, green.

  • Product Parameters:
Name Electrical tape
Material PVC film+rubber pressure senditive adhesive Packing Carton
Specification Width 18mm or customized Color Black:red:yellow,green or customized
Thickness 130um or customized Sample Time Shipped in 7 days
Length 18M or customized MOQ 5000rolls
Uasge For electronic componets insulation: wire winding joint and repair. Also used for the binding, fixing, lapping, repairing, sealing and protecting in the industrial process.
Product Total thickness Peel Adhesion Strength to Backing Tensile Strength Elongation % at break Break down voltage
(um) (mil) ASTM D-3330 (N/in) ASTM D-3330 (N/in) ASTM D-3330 (N/in) ASTM D-3759 ASTM D-1000 (kv)
HP12 120 4.7 3.5 2 40 150% 5
HP13 130 5.1 3.5 2 45 150% 5
HP15 150 5.9 3.5 2 45 170% 5
HP18 180 7.1 3.5 2 40 190% 5
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