Silicone Rubber Tape

Silicone Rubber Tape

  • Product Application:

The self-adhesive tape LETSAR is used as an insulation material in the electrical industry and has adhesion to the polyethylene insulation layer of cables, LETSAR tape, steel, copper and aluminum.

LETSAR adhesive tape is designed for the temperature range from minus 50 to plus 250 °C, and can self-aggregate at (15-35) °C for 48 hours without heating.

LETSAR tape is produced by two brands:

·Brand "K"-red ribbon;

·Brand "B"-white ribbon.

Thickness: 0.2-0.25mm width: 20-25mm.

  • Product Parameters:
Color Black, white, red, yellow, blue, green, clear etc. Self Adhesion  2 p.p.i min. (ASTMD2148)
Tensile Strength Hardness950 PSI Hardness 50±10 Shore A (ASTM D2240)
Function Arc-and Track resistant Moisture Absorption 0.9% (46 hrs. in H2O @ 70°F)
Volume Resistivity 1013 ohm-cm min. (ASTM D257) voltage 8,000 Volts
Degrees of heat 500° F (260°C) MOQ 1000 meter
Remains flexible  -85° F! (-60°C) Material silicone rubber
Features Self-fusing,Air&water tight seal in seconds,Fuel & oil resistant Usage Used for Automotive, Marine, Electrical, Plumbing,insulation
  • Packaging:
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