Fiberglass Sleeve

Fiberglass Sleeve

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Our industrial fire retardant sleeving is made from heat treated braided fibreglass yarn which is coated with a high grade silicone rubber. The silicone/fibreglass sleeve is self-extinguishing, offers great short-term flame protection, excellent thermal insulation properties and is perfect for automotive applications where sensitive cables or hoses are exposed to high temperature environments.

It capable of operating at a continuous temperature of 1000°F (538°C). Its designed to expand and contract by approximately 25% of its nominal size, eliminate loose fibers, enhance handling characteristics, and improve abrasion resistance. The acrylic saturant begins to decompose around 400°F (204°C), but with no effect on the thermal performance of the sleeve. The basic fiber is manufactured in accordance with specifications outlined in ASTM D-578, ASTM committee D13, and subcommittee D13 1B.

This protective sleeving has some degree of stretch and can be pushed over items slightly larger than the advertised diameter.

To cover items with a tight radius it would be recommended to order the next size up.

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