Varnished Glass Cloth 2432

Varnished Glass Cloth 2432

  • Product Application:

Glass fiber cloth electrically insulating LSM - a material based on fiberglass, impregnated with an oil binder. It is used as an insulating material with a maximum permissible operating temperature of up to + 120 °C. 

Glass-fiber cloth LCM is produced in rolls, thickness 0.1 0.12 0.15; 0.17; 0.20 mm. The unit of measurement is m2. Color - yellow or beige translucent.

  • Product Parameters:
Model No. Product Name Components Tmp. Class Features and Applications
Basic Material Impregnated Varnished
2210 Oil varnished silk Silk Oil varnish A (105 °C) -Excellent softness and electric property.
-As liner and coil insulation for motors and electric appliances.
2310 Oil varnished synthetic cloth Synthetic fabric
2432 Alkyd varnished glass cloth E-glass fiber cloth Alkyd resin B(130 °C) -Excellent dielectric, mechanical property and heat resistance, good oil, fungus and humidity-heat resistance.
-As coil insulation for oil-immersed transformers and oil circuit breakers.
2450 Silicone varnished glass cloth Organic silicone varnish H(180 °C) -Excellent heat resistance, elasticity,good fungus, cold and oil resistance.
-As coil insulation for H-Grade motors and electric appliances.
  • Packaging:
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