Varnished Glass Cloth 2440

Varnished Glass Cloth 2440

  • Product Application:

Fiberglass fabric-used as an insulator in motors with temperatures up to 155 °C (Class F).

It can be used in various electrical and electromechanical equipment to achieve reliable insulation. Glass paint fabrics are used as flexible insulation materials in motors, equipment, and electrical, moisture, and thermal insulation for pipes and pipelines.

It is delivered to the destination in roll form with a thickness of 0.10-0.20 mm.

  • Product Parameters:
Model No. Product Name Components Tmp. Class Features and Applications
Basic Material Impregnated Varnished
2210 Oil varnished silk Silk Oil varnish A (105 °C) -Excellent softness and electric property.
-As liner and coil insulation for motors and electric appliances.
2310 Oil varnished synthetic cloth Synthetic fabric
2432 Alkyd varnished glass cloth E-glass fiber cloth Alkyd resin B(130 °C) -Excellent dielectric, mechanical property and heat resistance, good oil, fungus and humidity-heat resistance.
-As coil insulation for oil-immersed transformers and oil circuit breakers.
2450 Silicone varnished glass cloth Organic silicone varnish H(180 °C) -Excellent heat resistance, elasticity,good fungus, cold and oil resistance.
-As coil insulation for H-Grade motors and electric appliances.
  • Packaging:
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